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SK Comparable Type Electronic Coin acceptor

A CPU Single Coin acceptor with three special functions: Automatic alarm, coin drop steady and prevent coin embezzle. It is designed in anti-string style with high detecting ability.


  • Rating voltage: DC+12V with 20% discrepancy
  • Size per unit: W143 x D64 x H124(mm)
  • Net weight: 0.38kgs
  • Temperate: -20'C ~ +75'C
  • Accepted coin diameter: 18mm-32mm
  • Accepted coin thickness: 1.2mm-3.0mm
  • Selected Normal Open or Normal Close
  • VR tuning for sensitivity of coin acceptance
  • Turn clockwise (+) for strict coin selecting
  • Turn anti-clockwise(-) for slack coin selecting
  • Lines guide of 3lines with 4pins connector