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EU1 Multi-Coin Coin Acceptor

We already Specially designed the Coin acceptor parameters for the many countries Coin Samples ,and Normally you don't need to supply the Coin Samples,We will supply the best Coin Acceptor design for you.


Best Design / Best Quality / Best Price

For Vending Machine and so on

  We Use The Following Technology We Don't Use The Following Unstable Technology
1 We use infrared though Beam Coin Detection Technology We don't use the reflective type infrared beam coin detection technology
2 We use the A/D high resoulation calculation method to get the micro-difference between different similar coins. We don't use the simply voltage comparable unit to detect the difference..
3 We use the easy maintance side panel,that is best design for high duty application and easy service and maintance. We don't use the whole body easy design ,that would be difficult to provide the maintance.
4 We use the SMD technology to assemble component,that would bring a best stability. We don't use the hand assemble component.
5 We use the best design and stable coin channel and bring the best stability and high resoulation. We don't use the simple design channel.
6 We design the best parameters for different countries,together with our rich experience in the design. We don't use one universal multi-coin Coin acceptor for any coins or even tokens.

EU1 Coin acceptor Specifications/Features:

1. On site programming, can be programmed by Hand-Held Programmer or PC.
2. 12 coin channels divided as 2 coin banks (12=6+6.): Bank_A and Bank_B (set via a switch). For setting examples:
-----a. Bank_A set with country's coins, Bank_B set with token.
-----b. Both Bank_A and Bank_B set with coins but set different credit rate (two "price").

3. Optional : 4-Digits DISPLAY (show the denominations you insert and the accumulated amount).
4. Output modes:
-----A. Pulse/Totalizer output:
---- B. Output as a timer:
-----C. Parallel output:The output connector is the same as the NRI G13 coin validator.

5. There is an inhibit line for the host machine.
6. Specification :
----1) Applied voltage: DC +12V .
----2) Working temperature: -5 ~ +50
----3) Coin diameter: 17mm~31mm.
----4) Coin thickness: 1.0mm~3.0mm.

EU1 Multi-Coin Coin acceptor

PC Program Adapter (Optional Parts)

EU1 Coin acceptor is easy to do the self service on the coin track as the following picture. So that is most suitable for the out-door application.(for example the water vending machine, condom vending machine and so on.)

EU Series Coin acceptor Self-Service Map:

EU Series Coin acceptor Dimension :

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